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Hello there! My name is Dr. Carina, and as the general dentist at The New You Dental & Aesthetics.


I strive to make every patient feel good inside and out. Making people smile is not only my profession, but my personal goal! You may even hear me make the occasional (usually corny) joke to make you show off your smile ☺ Originally from Buffalo, NY, I fell in love with southwest Florida after attending LECOM School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton, FL. I have since made Florida my permanent home, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Buffalo.


As your dentist, it is my job to listen to & address all of your concerns while providing a caring touch and a scrutinizing eye for detail and symmetry at every appointment. Additionally, we provide Botox and facial fillers to rejuvenate your face as the “framework” for your smile. I look forward to meeting you at an appointment soon!!


“One smile can change the world”—let it be yours!

Hi, my name is Ewa! I am the Manager/Treatment Coordinator at The New You Dental & Aesthetics.


I have been in the dental field for many years. I believe in realistic dreams and manifesting as reality, no matter how big or small.  I live by the motto: “Don’t make something simple and efficient, when you can make it complex and wonderful!” In other words, don’t cheat yourself of your goals! All goals are within reach.


I am very passionate in everything I do and personally believe honesty is the best policy. It makes me happy and fulfilled when anyone around me succeeds and grow, and if I can assist in those goals, I will be there for you!


I hope to see you at The New You Dental & Aesthetics—where dreams come true!

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